How To Setup Church Services On Demand and Stop Making DVDs

How To Setup Church Services On Demand and Stop Making DVDs

As we all know, technology is changing our world so fast. As a church with multiple ministries, it is our responsibility to have an arm that has its finger on trending technologies with the goal of finding those trends that will allow us to reach more and do more.

I say all that to say that after speaking with some people in my church and looking at our DVD production workflow, time requirements and orders over the last 3 years. I realized it is pointless to continue producing DVDs every Sunday.

We post on social media and podcasts every Sunday and we even started live streaming every Sunday. My thought is, how can we do this better and for efficient. At the time of this post, I am the sole person video editing and posting our content on our various pages and accounts.

I love technology but that doesn't mean I enjoy doing this every single week. I want a break now and then. But if I have to do it, how much more time can I save by implementing new tools/techniques?

The goal in migrating to an on-demand model was as follows:

  • Stop making DVDs every week
  • Utilize the streaming platforms to handle recording/uploading the videos
  • Do as much as possible live to avoid post-production
  • Save money on no longer needed supplies

We were already using Vimeo at the Plus level which is around $60 a year. This allowed us to upload 5gb of video every week and we didn't have to worry about advertisements or any other issues present on other platforms. The PRO level opens up on demand features, which allow you to sell your videos, which is not available currently on other platforms.

We spend about $300 on ink and blank disc supplies yearly in the media ministry budget. That amount was $50 more than us upgrading to the PRO tier. At this level, we are also able to upload 20gb a week.

The first thing I did was head over to Vimeo and click on On Demand Pages. Again, the idea is to be a complete one-page offering for all worship services. The videos uploaded here are the same ones I would turn into DVDs. I do plan in the future to make a special services page since they are not considered worship services.

Basic Info

This is pretty basic. Give your page a name, description, release year, genre, keyword tags, audience, primary language, and subtitles. For genre, there were not many offerings for church services or religious videos so I chose TV series.


Here you select whether your videos are available worldwide, in specific countries or you can exclude certain countries.

You also will need to create your URL name. I personally used antiochvarinaservices but then made a subdomain under our website to forward to that address. So points to our on-demand page.


To win over people in this new direction, you have to show value and ease of use. The selling point of faster delivery after service, no pickup times, immediately available, no way to damage the disc and so much more. For me we made the cost half price to what we charge for DVDs.

We also decided to make purchases for videos be an individual charge as well as not allowing people to download the videos. That is just to save someone from buying and giving away their copy.


Here is where I upload our services. You can also select a trailer or bonus content. For our trailer, I just used out DVD intro video. This will soon be changed into an infomercial video explaining everything for new visitors.


Here you can customize your site to your heart's content. I personally just changed the background color.


These were not needed for our uploads so I just ignored them,


Here is the section I used to make promotional codes with a limited date, use, and item usage limitations. In the future, I will also use this to give free copies to the speaking minister.


Here is where I connected the church's social media accounts.


So now every Sunday, when we live stream, I try to add as much content live that I would add in post-production. This includes lower thirds, intros, outros, etc. This saves so much time because if everything is already good, you only need to copy the file down from your given platform and then upload it to Vimeo.

If you need any additional help, come back to the blog. I'll be adding more as time goes along. Thanks for stopping by!

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