Pricing + Services


Media/IT services starting at $75/hour.



$75-$125/per hour — We will go over your project and provide you with a cost analysis or next steps. Consultations are recommended for all projects but are not required.
Remote consultation $75 per hour, onsite consultation is $125 per hour in the Northern Virginia to Tidewater area only with a 2 hour minimum consultation.

Video editing

$125/hour — You provide the footage and we will edit and render your footage to your desired resolution. Your final product will be made available via private password protected link to our Vimeo channel, were you can download it or share it. Click Here for examples of our previous client work.

custom videos

Variable hourly rate — Do you have a vision of what you want but don't have the tech, gear, time or know-how? Let us handle it all for you. Video announcements, commercials, promos, etc - we cover them all.

Computer REPAIR

$75/day— Need help with your computer or laptop? Let us diagnose your system and provide you with repair options and next steps to get your back to optimum performance.

Event Wifi Management

$500 per day — Do you need WIFI coverage for a event? We can install temporary WIFI coverage for most venues so that there are no interruptions for your attendees or vendors. 
*Functioning Internet Service is required at site. Initial site visit is required. *

Online Streaming Management

$500/event — Do you want to stream online but don't have the manpower or equipment? You provide the internet connection and the event schedule, we will handle the technical needs to stream. Conferences, weddings, funerals, church services, graduations**, birthday parties, etc.
*Graduations are limited based on facilitator permissions*
*Events are considered to occur over one day*
*Additional charges if Internet Service is not available*

Custom church Camera/Video Systems

Priced Per Design - We offer custom video systems for churches ranging from one to multi-camera installs. Stationary manned cameras or PTZ (pan, tilt zoom) remote control cameras. We use Black Magic Design Video Switchers in all our designs. Our systems lay the foundation for future grow and expandability without having to replace every at a later time. Our systems also allow you to easily transition into live streaming on any platform and recording high quality production video for redistribution on digital or physical formats.

security camera

Variable to project scope — We offer professionally installed security cameras, which can provide 24/7 recording, mobile phone access, zone triggering, multi-user access and many more features for residential or commercial environments.

Complete Camera Systems

Variable to project scope — We offer professionally installed camera systems so that your organization can produce and entire video broadcast using your own staff. PTZ camera, video distribution throughout your building, video switchers, live streaming, IMAG presentations…

Digital Signage

$500/per screen — Wow your customers with digital signage. Easily add or remove items in seconds. Stream custom video, digital menus, highlight photos, announcements, Youtube, or any other media to your clients. *Screen installation only*

Signage content management

$150/per month — Let us manage your screens. All screens are remotely managed, scheduled and maintained. You only need to email us any changes desired and all screens or individual screens are updated within 15 minutes.

*Save on Custom Videos when paired with Content Management. Let us design your videos and populate your screens with your vision for your customers while you focus on your business.

Website design

Variable hourly rate — Need a website or just want your current site updated? We cover all businesses and all styles. Churches, Real Estate companies, restaurants, barber shops, daycare, personal blogs - we cover them all? *We use SquareSpace as our preferred hosting company.

network planning

Personal: $100/day— Do you need better wifi reception and networking in your home? We can help from training, installation, repairs or even picking out the proper equipment for your home.

Business: $150/hour — Does your business need a network revamp? We can completely rewire your building to the desired layout, add additional connections, install access points, and much more.
*We use Ubiquiti Networking gear on all project unless a specific brand is desired.*

Onsite recording

Business: $300/day — Do you need an event recorded? We can record your event from multiple camera angles and provide you with a the raw footage at the end of the end of your event. This service does not include editing of footage.
* Add $75 for each additional camera angle desired*